With its retro 70s decor and choice vintage gear Freq Shop takes you back to the golden age of sound recording making it the perfect place to capture the magic of a live performance. The 1000 sq ft multi-room facility is co-owned by Dave Traina and Derek Orsi and is located in Montreal, Canada.

The studio is home to a collection of classic instruments, amplifiers, microphones and outboard gear, driven by a 16x16 Pro Tools v10 HD6 ACCEL rig on Mac. Tube equipment, discrete class A preamplifiers, tape machines, plugins and virtual instruments populate the studio's effects rack, creating a hybrid platform built for versatility in recording, mixing and mastering. Check out our gear list here.

Freq Shop offers both artists and producers a professional work environment within a cocoon of comfort. A live room, control room, booth and kitchen provide a variety of acoustic spaces to work in, while the lounge and courtyard are a great place to kick back and relax. The studio doubles as an electrifying live venue and has been used for film screenings, photo shoots, video productions, seminars and private tutorials.

Block rates are available with or without an engineer.

Email us to book a session.