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With its retro 70s decor and choice analog gear, Freq Shop brings you back to the golden age of sound recording, creating the perfect setting to capture the magic of a studio performance.

A versatile and comfortable studio, the 1000 sq ft facility is perfect for groups and ensembles. The LIVE ROOM features 11 foot ceilings and runs 24 feet long, offering a warm, ambient sound with a short decay. In contrast, THE BOOTH is a dead space, perfect for intimate and dry recordings. The KITCHEN can liven up any instrument with its bright ambience and brews the best espresso in town. 

Freq Shop offers a multitude of packages for artists, producers, musicians, and freelance engineers. Visit our Services page for more info.

The #ChurchofRocknRoll is co-owned by Dave Traina & Derek Orsi and is located in Montreal, Canada.

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Is it time to record your next album? Do you have an EP that needs to get mixed or  mastered? Would you like to secure funding for your next release? Are you looking to collaborate with songwriters or possibly learn the art of record production? Look no more...Freq Shop is here to meet all your creative and music production needs.

Learn more about our SERVICES: 

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Our dedicated and professional team is ready to help turn your dreams into reality.

freq shop academy

'The perfect accelerator to your

audio career'

Our courses are designed to help you gain the experience, knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in the music industry. 

Whether you're enrolled in our

'Drum Recording Workshop', 16 week 'Recording Studio Production Course',  'Mixing Masterclass' or 'Intro to Pro Tools', you’ll receive invaluable knowledge tailored to your specific needs.

Learn from industry professionals with over 30 years of record making experience.

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live from
freq shop

Do you want to feel the thrill of performing before a live studio audience? Are you looking for a venue for your next live stream concert? Maybe an intimate, closed door session is what you need. Let Freq Shop help you capture your next live performance.

LIVE FROM FREQ SHOP brings you unforgettable performances by stellar Montreal artists. This live series takes place within Freq Shop’s walls, in our outdoor courtyard and in concert venues across town.


We're looking forward to capturing that magic take. 

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