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To make magical recordings you must immerse yourself in an inspiring and stimulating space. Freq Shop's cozy environment oozes with vibe and pushes you to your creative limits. At your fingertips are all the tools needed to bring the sounds you’ve dreamed of to life. Whether you're an artist, group or freelancer you’ll have access to a 32x32 Pro Tools HD rig, dozens of microphones, processors, instruments, effects and amplifiers to make music with limitless possibilities.  



We want your fans to get lost in a sonic wonderland when they listen to your music. A great mix enhances the emotion of a song and is paramount to captivating the listener. We're here to sprinkle some fairy dust on your tracks! We put a lot of attention and love into our mixes and go above and beyond to deliver the mix of your dreams. Years of experience, a large collection of analog and digital gear and our creative touch help your music stand out above the rest.  


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Every song should be given the opportunity to sound its best. To feel the kick drum thump your chest and have the vocal sit so perfectly in a mix, you can reach out and touch it. When we master a track we aren’t just aiming for loudness. We shape the feel, balances and dynamics of your song while sliding the sonics right into the sweet spot. We master recordings through choice analog equipment and select digital tools to achieve the deepest and sweetest sounding masters. 


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Songwriting is a sacred practice that we hold close to our hearts. It's a healing ritual; the seed of joy. It all starts with a great idea. Without it there's nothing else. There's no better feeling than writing a song that can touch someone's heart. Are you looking to collaborate with an enthusiastic and openminded songwriting team for your next single? We'll take you from the start to the finish line, writing recording, mixing and mastering your song so it's ready for distribution. Let's create some magic!



With 3 decades of combined studio/teaching experience, The Freq Shop Academy is designed to be the perfect accelerator for your career. With several courses to choose from, you’ll spend heaps of time in the studio with your instructor. We want you to have your hands on the dials as much as possible so you can gain the experience, knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. Whether you join our Studio Production Course, Intro To Pro Tools, Mixing Masterclass or Drum Recording Workshop, you’ll shave years off your journey to becoming a music professional. 


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A great performance stands at the top of the totem poll in our music production hierarchy. Songs are vehicles of emotional expression and require excellence in their execution to touch a listener's heart. Whatever instrument your song needs, our team will make sure to find the right musician to play it! We have a large network of professional musicians to call upon to help enhance your recording.


With a great song anything is possible. It can help you unlock doors to secure funding for your next project. For years we’ve been helping artists obtain grants to finance recordings and promotional campaigns. Our strong track record and experience as grant jurors has helped us become successful as grant writers. All we need is a killer song.