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Hiring a great producer to manage a project is fundamental to its success. Producers oversee and consult artists both on the creative and financial side of a production.


We'll work with you in pre-production to make sure all your songs are well arranged and ready for the studio. We'll be your wings during the recording sessions to help you achieve excellence in performance and we'll be there during the mixing process (whether we're mixing or not) to share our perspective on the music's development. Plain and simple, we're here to help you be the best you can be, all while keeping your artistic integrity at the forefront of every decision we make! 


We'll be helping you acquire funding, manage budgets and we'll consult you on marketing strategies so your music gets as much visibility and revenue as possible.


Hire Derek Orsi and Dave Traina to produce your next HIT!!! We work in tandem as a production duo and individually as producers depending on your needs.           

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