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Step into the Studio, Step into Your Dreams  Create Magic at Freq Shop

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With its retro 70s decor and choice analog gear, Freq Shop brings you back to the golden age of sound recording, creating the perfect setting to capture the magic of a studio performance.

This versatile and comfortable 1000 sq ft facility is perfect for solo artists, bands and ensembles. The LIVE ROOM features lots of space and high ceilings, offering a warm, ambient sound with a controlled decay. In contrast, THE BOOTH is a dead space, perfect for intimate and dry recordings. The KITCHEN can liven up any instrument with its bright ambience and brews the best espresso in town. 

Freq Shop offers a multitude of packages for artists, producers, musicians, and freelance engineers. Visit our Services page for more info.

The #ChurchofRocknRoll is co-owned by Dave Traina & Derek Orsi and is located in Montreal, Canada.




Come and enjoy your next recording experience at Freq Shop. Take advantage of our 4 acoustically unique rooms, our wide variety of analog processors and our collection of instruments, amps & pedals. The studio is equipped with a 32 x 32 Pro Tools 10HD rig on Mac and offers a complete mic locker. Our space is available to bands, singers, songwriters, producers and freelance engineers.

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A great mix emphasizes a song's character and 

emotion. We've mixed hundreds of songs over the years and our productions have aired worldwide on both terrestrial & satellite radio. We can deliver radio ready mixes that will blow your speakers apart! Our masters are

competitively loud and dynamic. We guarantee your songs will stand out. Let us get your music ready for public distribution.

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It all comes down to the song. A great song can move you to tears, make you dance, help you let out some aggression or simply chill you out. The impact and success of a song relies on a great arrangement and a polished production. Hire one of our producers to help elevate your song to hit status! We'll work with you to bring out the best in your music, while always keeping your artistic integrity at the helm.  

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